This was it, my long term contract in Alberta was coming to an end…it seemed the oil boom was over and a lot of people around me were heading back to their home towns. Half of my shift in the fields was from the Maritimes and the rest from Ontario. I got a job offer in Mississauga and after some back and forth decided to take it. Home sweet home.

Winter season and spring were so busy in the oil fields for me that the idea of driving my car and hauling all my personal effects from Edmonton to Toronto just gave me shivers.

Then I met up with a couple of friends and my long time friend Mike (he is a used car dealer) suggested that I look for a car transport company. Drive time, hotel stays and gas cost – it was not worth the hassle. He gave me a list of companies that he had used before and I started placing my calls.

Cheapest rates were offered by rail, however, rail did not allow to put any personal items in the car. Since I decided to sell my furniture and just keep some tools and clothing, shipping by rail was not an option.

Several calls to car carriers that ship by truck were not answered or returned promptly. Several that answered said their shipping times are 2-3 weeks due to backlog.

Having shared my story on a Subaru forum in Toronto I got a personal message from Andy Leeds at Automoves, offering me a 10% discount as a fellow Subaru club member.

I asked for a formal quote and terms and conditions of their service. I was promised delivery in 7 days or less. We exchanged a few emails and I chose the terminal to terminal option since their warehouse is close to my house in Mississauga.

Mark from their dispatch called me 24 hours in advance to confirm my drop off time. I stopped by their yard late afternoon on Monday – it was a local towing company keeping vehicles at their secure lot until the car carrier was there to pick up. Compound supervisor asked me to walk around the car, completed an inspection sheet and took several pictures of the car and asked me to sign. The truck arrived to load up as we were finishing inspection so I was curious to see how everything is loaded up.

I’ve never seen a car carrier being loaded up close and seeing the driver in action was quite entertaining (I think he got a little irritated by my nosiness). But really, these guys work hard – it’s not just drive up the trailer and go. Then again, working in oil fields was not easy either.

Long story short I booked my flight to Toronto and got into town 4 days after my car departed. My work did not start until a week after so I was not in a rush. Mark from dispatch called me on Friday and said the vehicle was coming on Sunday evening. I decided to pick it up on Monday. I received an electronic invoice and paid it via e-transfer. I was provided with a release number the same day and got my Subie on Monday morning. It arrived without damage and to my surprise it seemed like it was freshly washed.

Back in Tdot. Can’t wait for track days at Cayuga!

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