In the year 1896, Karl Benz brought a new angle in the concepts of engine design by introducing the flat engine or in other words more commonly known as the boxer engine in most countries around the world. Normally in most or should we say all cases before the invention of the boxer engine, the combustion chambers and their respective pistons were positioned vertically for both the four stroke engine type and also the two stroke engine type but in this case the combustion chambers and their respective pistons are positioned vertically on both ends.  This means as a simple example of a boxer engine with just two pistons both will be places opposite each other but both connected a single crankshaft also on both ends.

The advantages of a boxer engine

If we look into the difference besides the positioning of the pistons, the boxer engine also has a better centre of gravity. With this the needs of extra parts to ensure proper balance is not required in this engine type therefore considerably reducing its weight and besides that also notably improves its handling ability.  As a result, sharp and stiff corners are better taken with this engine type equipped compared to the vertical or normal engine type. The overall torque produced is also higher in this engine type compared to the vertical type but horsepower however takes a slight cut.

Who uses this engine?boxerengine

Surprisingly a lot of race car industries have implemented this engine in their finest products. An example of a world renowned car that’s equipped with this engine type is the Porsche 911. Besides that it is also common in Subaru cars like the Subaru Impreza and many other models developed by Subaru. Lots of cars in the rally races like to use cars equipped with the boxer engine due to its powerful torque and cornering abilities. Other than cars, even most light weight aircrafts also use the boxer engine but usually the more powerful versions like the 4, 6 or 8 piston boxer engines. Besides that in the year …. even BMW adopted this engine into its motorcycles due to its balancing stability and handling abilities and they haven’t changed since.